Ultrabronz Tanning Beds

The Ultrabronz HP-Supernova is everything you expect a premium tanning bed to be and more. Both comfortable and effective, the HP-Supernova uses a unique reflector/lamp design for an intense 24-minute session that remains surprisingly cool. Its wraparound canopy allows for an even, all over tan.

This outstanding bed features a plush mattress and seven-speed fan that embrace the user in absolute comfort, while a timer signals when it’s time to turn over. In just a few sessions, you will achieve a great base tan.

Maintaining your tan has never been easier. Two to three visits per month will sustain that sun-kissed color. Think of all the valuable time you will be saving!

UltraBronze Tanning Beds
Tropical Tan UltraBronz HP-Supernova Tanning Beds